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Downloads updated

The spare parts catalogue for L1700/L2000/L2400 was updated with the 2022 version (there seems to have been an issue before).

That version is the latest to use as reference.

You can find the document under Support > Downloads

Datum: 12.06.2024 13:00

Update to our customers regarding Part-21G Production Organization and Part-145 Maintenance Organization approvals (Nov 7th, 2023)

Dear customers ,
Dear customers,

In the following we would like to inform you about the current status at Limbach Flugmotoren GmbH:

Based on the latest insights, a complete re-certification (CAO and 21G) is expected in about two years at the earliest.

We will then only include the water-cooled engines (engine generation L2400 with water cooling and electric injection (trijekt), especially L2400DF/DT/DY/DX) in our product portfolio.

This currently means that we will continue to sell spare parts (including the L1700/L2000/L24000 generation with carburetor and air cooling) and engines that do not require EASA Form 1.


For the period until the new approval is granted, we are currently examining all options available to us, if it is feasible in terms of time and cost:

  • Specifically, we are currently checking whether there are already qualified and approved manufacturing companies (Part 21G) that have the ability to add to their Capability List and to manufacture parts that can be produced in accordance with the type certificate documents and released using EASA Form One. These include (crankcases, cylinder heads, pistons, crankshafts, mixture preheaters, intake manifolds, ignition harnesses, etc.).
  • We have already made specific contacts to qualified maintenance company (CAO) that would also be willing to work with a qualified manufacturing company (Part 21G). As described, we are currently still lacking a suitable company, but we are continuing to work on this.
  • Without a qualified manufacturing company (Part 21G), no maintenance can be carried out on the engine or an EASA Form-1 release certificate or a Certificate Release to Service can be issued.

If you can support us here (with contacts to companies that meet the qualifications, expertise and requirements), this would be very helpful for all concerned.
Please feel free to send us an email to: info@limflug.de

Current situation:
The company Limbach Flugmotoren GmbH continues to be active in the field of engine construction,
The focus will be on engines for the "non-certified area" in the 2-stroke range and in the 4-stroke range, including our new developments.

The design organization Limbach Flugmotoren will continue to be maintained, thus a potential cooperation with an approved manufacturing company and/or an approved maintenance company can be sought in order to give you as customers/clubs/owners and operators the opportunity to continue to operate your aircraft.

This is the current status of the situation. We will continue to keep you up to date.


If you have any questions or suggestions on this topic, please contact us in writing. Our staff will not be able to give you any other information on the phone.


With kind regards,
Your Limbach Flugmotoren GmbH


Questions and answers:
Which parts can I currently receive?

  • The scope has not changed from the July announcement
  • Parts that do not require EASA Form 1 can be requested

If the focus is only on water-cooled engines, what does this mean for my air-cooled engine?

  • On the one hand, it depends on what results from possible cooperation with other manufacturing and maintenance companies.
  • In the long term, we will no longer produce new parts, but we will still offer the remaining stock.
  • In this case, more details will only emerge over time.

Why are we talking about 21G and not 21Light?

  • According to current knowledge and based on the requirements we have in the long term, a new approval for 21G currently makes the most sense.

What if I have an engine with Weber Alpha?

  • We no longer offer support for Weber Alpha. A conversion to trijekt would be possible.
Datum: 07.11.2023 08:00

Important information to our customers regarding the readjustment of our company: Changes to Part-21G Production Organization and Part-145 Maintenance Organizat

Dear customers ,


today we would like to give you an important notice about a change in our company strategy. 


The aviation regulations that have been introduced in recent months and years, as well as increased costs in all areas (especially the prices of raw materials), availability of spare parts, problems with the supply chain and shortage of skilled workers have had and continue to have a significant impact on our operations. The associated workload and costs are no longer sustainable from a business perspective and require a rethink.

For this reason, we have decided to change our Part 21G production organization to Part 21 Light in the future and Part 145 maintenance organization to Part CAO in the future, which is more suited to our circumstances and we will also re-evaluate our product range in the course of this. 


For economic, aviation regulation and business reasons, we see ourselves forced to take these measures with immediate effect and to undertake a new alignment. 


We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you. Nevertheless, it is important to ensure compliance with aviation regulations and at the same time to strengthen our competitiveness in order to be able to work successfully with you in the future.


We regret that we will temporarily not be able to offer you our engines and spare parts for the area which need an authorized release certificate. Nevertheless, we are confident for the future to go this way together with you to come out stronger in the long run.


In concrete terms, this means that we have surrendered the Part 21 G approval certificate and are already making preparations to be able to apply for the new Part 21 Light approval. For the Part 145 approval, the same process applies for the changeover to Part CAO.

For you as a customer, this means that we are no longer allowed to issue EASA Form 1 with immediate effect.

Spare parts supply without an authorized release certificate (EASA Form 1) is still ensured and spare parts can be certified by means of a certificate of conformity (CoC).


Our design organization APDOA remains in operation and is currently busy with the further development of existing engine series such as L2400 water-cooled as well as the development of new engines with a significant improvement in performance. 


As soon as we have news regarding Part 21 Light & CAO, we will inform you about the status and provide the relevant information.


Our team is of course available to clarify any open questions and assist you with any concerns you may have.    


Yours sincerely,


Your Limbach Flugmotore GmbH




What exactly does this mean for me as a customer?


  • With the release of the approval for Part 21G and 145, Limbach Flugmotoren GmbH can no longer issue EASA Form1 for products, construction and equipment parts.
  • Products, parts and equipment which have to be delivered with EASA Form1 can no longer be sold/delivered.
  • Products, components and equipment can still be delivered by Limbach Flugmotoren GmbH by means of a CoC, however, it must be taken into account that the owner is responsible for ensuring that only products, components and equipment with an official EASA Form 1 certificate of release to service may be installed and released in an approved engine.  


Can I still buy spare parts?

  • Products, parts and equipment that do not require an EASA Form 1 can still be purchased as usual by request.

Is there a grace period?

  • Due to the current situation and legal regulations, no grace period is possible. The change is effective immediately.

What is the future plan?

  • We want to continue designing and producing new aircraft engines with approval certificates. But the exact details are still under discussion.
  • The change will still take time. We will keep you informed as they become more concrete.
  • Overall, we want the change to eliminate inefficient areas in our company and enable a leaner but solid product range .

Can I still buy engines?

  • Our 2 stroke series is available on request as usual.
  • The approved engines L17000/L2000/L2400, can no longer be delivered with EASA Form1. This also applies to exchange engines.

What about ground collisions/accidents?

  • We retain the APDOA approval (small design organization) and are accordingly still required to report and process incident reports (Occurrence Reports). If you would like to have inspections performed on the engine by our trained personnel, we can offer this service. However, a subsequent assembly with EASA Form 1 approval is not possible
Datum: 15.07.2023 14:30

Office closed on Thursday and Friday, June 8th & 9th

Limbach Flugmotoren GmbH will be closde on Thursday June 8th (public holiday) and Friday June 9th, 2023.

In that time we will not be reachable.

We will be open again on Monday, June 12th.

Datum: 01.06.2023 17:30

Downloads updated

Some technical bulletins and maintenance instructions were updated:


The technical bulletin 63 was updated to TB 63.5 Use of Spark Plugs

The technical bulletin 64 was updated to TB 64.1 Sealing compounds

The maintenance instruction 10 was updated to MI 10.4 Carburetor 150 CD 3, checking and assembly

The maintenance instruction 17 was re-introduced and updated to MI 17.2 Replacing magneto SLICK 4030 or BENDIX S4RN21 by SLICK 4230 resp. 4330


You can find the details under Support > Downloads


Datum: 21.02.2023 17:00