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Due to a phone line issue in our area, we are limited availabe via phone at the moment.

Please send any inquiries via email to info@limflug.de or to your direct contact.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Datum: 04.07.2022 09:45

New technical bulletin TM 76

A new technical bulletin for Intake Manifold was publised for 14.06.2022.

It impacts engine L2400 DT/ET/DX


You can find the German version at Support > Downloads . English version will follow soon.

Datum: 27.06.2022 17:00

Downloads updated

Some technical bulletins, maintenance instructions, data sheets and operating- and maintenance manuals were updated. Find the newest versions under Support > Downloads

Datum: 16.02.2022 13:30

New development of a two-stroke aircraft engine with reduction gearbox L550EFG

Due to numerous customer requests, a 550 cm² 2-stroke aircraft engine with reduction gearbox was developed.

The 50 hp engine has a total weight of 28 kg (without the alternator shown in the picture below) and a transmission output shaft speed of max. 3350 rpm.

This is ideal for a wide range of applications in which a light, strong and at the same time efficient engine is required. With a specific fuel consumption of slightly over 300 g/HPh at the full load operating mode, the engine is one of the most efficient on the market.

The engine without gearbox is identical to the L550EF.

More information

Datum: 09.02.2022 13:30

NEW L2400DS 116 HP

Limbach offer 116 HP engine,

This is engine is special  designed  for a conversion of  Stemme S10

Datum: 21.01.2019 12:15